Are You Thinking About Volunteering?


Hey, there!! We are in desperate need of volunteers to come in and assist the children at lunchtime (especially the Kindergarteners and First Graders) with opening containers and providing them supplies (napkins, forks, etc.). Can you help???

Volunteering in the cafeteria is a GREAT way to help the school…and you can visit your child too!

When is Help Needed?
Every day! K-2nd 11am-12pm OR 3rd-5th 12pm-1pm

You can sign up for the one-hour-per-month slot of your choice on the Lunch Bunch Monthly Schedule nList (and the time commitment will be even less if your day falls on a holiday or half day!)

Contact the Library & Lunchroom Coordinator, Jennifer Busick (at, with any questions about this opportunity.

And if you’re not on nList yet, contact LaRuth Ensley (PTA VP, Volunteers) at for information about how to sign up.

Thank you for stepping up to help out!!

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