The Fall Carnival Needs YOUR Help!


Trailblazers! The Fall Carnival is THIS FRIDAY!!! And we need your help to make it happen!

Ways you can contribute:

  1. Please consider signing up (via nList) to bring in one dozen cupcakes (homemade or store-bought) for use during the cupcake walk. Cupcakes need to be dropped off at the school on Friday, September 29th, at any time during the day, on the cart/trays outside the front office.
  2. We are still in need of volunteers to run many of the games & activities at the Carnival! Most of the games/activities are not assigned to a specific classroom this year – however, we need parent volunteers to supervise at each of the games and other volunteer stations. Check the Fall Carnival Volunteers nList (under Upcoming Events) for specific opportunities!
  3. And we still need items for the Silent Auction baskets. All five of our baskets still have wish-list items open for sign-up. Please take a look at the Fall Festival Baskets nLists (under Upcoming Events) and see if there is an item that you can send in to the school.

Some basket notes:

  • Our Tailgating Basket is in particular need of help, but donations to any of the baskets are welcome!
  • Several of the baskets still need a basket or container to hold all of the items. Details for these containers are given under each theme on nList.
  • Feel free to be creative!!! If you have an idea for one of the baskets that is not listed, go ahead and send it in! There are spots on the sign-ups for this, but you may send items even if these spots are full.
  • If you have an item to send in that is too big to send with your child, you may bring it in to the school yourself, or contact one of us (email addresses are below) and we can help come up with a plan.
  • Remember that all items need to be in the boxes at school by noon on Thursday, September 28th. The boxes are outside the library doors in the main lobby.
  • Thanks so much to everyone who has already signed up and/or sent items in!

Thanks in advance for all of your help. Let’s make the Fall Carnival a fun experience for all of our kids!!!

Elizabeth Collins:
Jenni Katz :
Jennifer Busick:
Kim Loy:

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