Holiday Shop Volunteers Needed!


Happy Holidays, Trailblazers!

As a special service, our school is hosting the “School Holiday Shop”: a program designed for children to shop on their own at school, in a safe, non-commercial environment.

This year’s shop will be Tuesday, December 13th, from 3-7pm. And we need YOUR help to make it happen!

We have lots of volunteer slots to fill for both parents and children:

  • For parents: We need help with setting up the shop on Tuesday 12/12 at 12:30pm. We also need two parents to help as the classes preview the shop after they eat lunch on 12/13. We need multiple cashiers the day of the event, and we need help cleaning up the shop on Thursday 12/14 a9am.
  • For children: We especially need help from 5th grade students who can stay after school to be personal shoppers or work in the wrapping station. (Note: You must send in a note to the school the day of the Holiday Shop to say your child is staying after to help!)
  • Also, there is a separate sign-up to send in cookies for the kids to eat while they shop.

We can’t do this without you! We are so thankful in advance for everyone who signs up to help!!

If you have any questions please contact:
Jenni Katz (
Katy Peterson (
Shannon Stepp (

(P.S.: Sign-up lists, as always, are accessible via nList. If you’re not on nList, but would still like to help out, please email Jenni, Katy, or Shannon!)

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