We are SO CLOSE to our goal of 100% PTA membership! But we’re not quite there yet.

For everyone who has already joined the PTA….thank you!

For those who have not yet….please consider it!

An active and well-supported PTA makes a world of difference to a school. At Twin Hickory ES, the PTA provides digital resources, student agendas, Kindle Fires, leveled reading material, a learning garden, and STEM resources. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re still considering membership, please note: while joining the PTA at the Trailblazer Club level is welcomed, regular membership is also greatly appreciated (and only $5/child!!!) The membership form can be downloaded by clicking here.

(Hint: If you are already a member, you are more than welcome to purchase as many $5 gift memberships as you’d like to help us reach our 100% goal!! 🙂 )


As an added incentive: Some of you may not be aware that our principal, Mr. D., traditionally helps us celebrate 100% membership by spending an entire school day on the roof of THES! (It made the local news a few years back. Check that out here!) The kids – as you can imagine – love this. They send messages, snacks, and notes up to him throughout the day via bucket lift; it’s a lot of fun!

With your help, we can reach 100% membership again this year!

Thank you for your continued support!



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