THES + Blazer = :)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Trailblazers!

In honor of the day, here’s a little bit of background about someone we all know and love:



Did you know that, when THES first opened its doors, Blazer the Dog was NOT the mascot?! It was instead a flaming pencil!

THES Art Teacher Mrs. Poulos was here when it all began. She recalls:

“[W]e had a school-wide contest the first year we opened and a student designed the flaming pencil logo. I tweaked it a little and our logo was born.”

Here’s the original drawing, by former THES student, Laura Cunningham!:


Mrs. Poulos continues:

“[T]he song “Who Let the Dogs Out” was a popular song at the time, so it was played at our Blazer Blasts (named from our first principal: Dr. Florence.)  I believe this is how the wheels started turning and set the dog idea in motion.

It was a parent who integrated a dog into the picture and named him Blazer.

…Blazer made a few appearances on t-shirts for field day and spirit wear too.  Mr. D then made a full scale shift with it when he came on board to our school.”

[Thanks so much for that history, Mrs. Poulos!]

I like the flaming pencil – but I for one am glad Mr. D. made the shift to the Blazer we know. THES just wouldn’t be the same without that happy dog! 🙂

Have a great Valentine’s Day, everyone!



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