Important Yearbook Info!

yearbook blazer

Hey, Everybody! Some important yearbook information:

For those of you who have already purchased your 2017-18 THES yearbook, please remember that 4/16 is the date when your custom personal pages need to be completed.

If you need or want additional pictures to add to these pages, be sure to check out the “Shared Folders” in Tree Ring! Those of us taking pics for the yearbook (at Blazer Blasts and other events) have uploaded a lot of images to these folders. You might find some cute ones of your child and his/her friends in there!!

You can also upload your own pictures to the shared folders – and we would GREATLY appreciate this! (The more pictures we have to choose from for the yearbook, the better!) If you do upload pics, we would be tremendously grateful if you would also take a second and tag the kids in your shot(s), to make it easier for us to see who’s represented.

If you’re perusing the shared folders and you recognize kids that haven’t yet been tagged, please feel free to tag them for us! (This would be very helpful!!!)

And for those of you who haven’t yet purchased your yearbook?? You have one more month before the purchasing deadline! (4/16 is the last day to purchase, as well as the deadline for completing your custom pages.) Just go to this link to get started:

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing, remember that we’ve switched to the yearbook company Tree Ring this year. There are tons of wonderful benefits to utilizing Tree Ring (some of which are listed here and here.) But one thing to be aware of is that Tree Ring will only print as many copies as are ordered by 4/16!!! Meaning there won’t be any extras floating around for belated purchasing. So don’t miss the 4/16 deadline for ordering your copy!


Questions or concerns about any of this? Contact Yearbook Coordinator Erin Bickmeier (, or Tree Ring Customer Service (


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