Yearbook Custom Pages



As some of you know, the Twin Hickory Elementary yearbook includes 2 free pages you can personalize with your own photos and memories. No worries if you don’t personalize your pages!! If you purchase the yearbook you’ll still receive a great yearbook, but it won’t have your unique memories in it.

It takes about 15 minutes to add photos and complete the 2 free custom pages included with your yearbook.

If you find your memories can’t fit on the 2 free pages, you can add additional pages at $0.99 for each set of 2 pages!

Remember that you have until midnight, April 16, 2018 to finish and purchase your personalized pages! To have your personal pages printed in your book, you must Sign In and set your Print Ready indicator to “Yes”.

Anyone who hasn’t purchased a yearbook yet may still do so until April 16th! Just go to this link to get started:


Contact Yearbook Coordinator Erin Bickmeier (, or Tree Ring Customer Service (

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