Trailblazers – See you at Barnes & Noble!

Join us tonight (February 26th) from 5 – 7 at Barnes & Noble in Short Pump to hear your favorite staff members read to the students.

Barnes and Noble Spirit Night (use code 12489175)
5:00  Beall
5:10  E. Reed
5:20  Dussault
5:30  Clark
5:40  Letson & Vaughan
5:50  Wilcox, Adair & Santos
6:00  Kerr
6:10  Ms B
6:30  Tate

Bookstore items (including toys, games and items other than books), as well as cafe sales count toward our Bookfair total. Just tell the cashier you are there for the bookfair. If you have plans tonight, please consider ordering online! The process is super simple – after selecting your items, click checkout from the cart. Once you reach the payment screen you have several options to expand below the CC info, including Bookfair ID. Expand this section and enter our ID, 12489175. That’s it!!

Thanks so much for your help and support!


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