Membership/Trailblazer Club


The Trailblazer Club Campaign is the PTA’s primary fundraiser to support our great school.

Our goal is to raise $18,000 to help Mr. D and his staff by financially supporting many academic enrichment programs, in-class activities, and exciting events to build our community.

This campaign allows families to make one donation to the PTA without asking students to sell gift wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, etc. during the year.

Some of the PTA-supported programs that benefit your student and will only be made possible by your campaign contributions are:

  • Blazer Blast Prizes
  • Cultural Arts Programs
  • Student Agendas
  • Reflections Program
  • Technology Resources, such as Brain Pop, Reading A-Z, Study Island, and Raz-Kids

Donations made at the contribution levels listed below receive the following benefits:

  • Platinum Level: ($150 and above)
    2 PTA Memberships, 2 Magnets, Free Admission to a school festival*
    AND entry for our special raffle including Mr. D and Blazer
  • Gold Level: ($125)
    2 PTA Memberships, 1 Magnet, and Free Admission to a school festival*
  • Silver Level: ($75)
    2 PTA Memberships and 1 Magnet
  • Bronze Level: ($50)
    2 PTA Memberships
  • Trailblazer Club Member: ($25)
    1 PTA Membership

*Free admission to the school festival does not cover food or drink and only includes admission for immediate family members.

 Our goal is 1 PTA membership per student. If we achieve 100% membership, Mr. D. spends the day on the roof!!!!

PTA membership is included with ALL Trailblazer Club levels. Additional/individual memberships can be purchased for $5.

Please contribute by completing the Trailblazer Club Donation form – Click here to download and print.

A portion of your donation is tax-deductible. Also, several local companies – Altria, Capital One, Dominion Power, Markel, WestRock, CarMax, Verizon, McKesson, Universal Leaf, GE, and Genworth – will match a portion of your gift. Please check with your company’s human resource department to see if they match charitable donations. Receipts will be issued for all donations.

We have information on several area companies’ matching programs listed below:

Capital One

  1. All full-time associates with six months or more of service are eligible to participate in the Matching Gifts Program.
  2. Capital One will match your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000 per calendar year. The minimum match is $25. You may contribute to more than one institution.
  3. Multiple contributions will be matched up to the $2,000 limit.
  4. To be eligible for a Capital One match, your donation must be made in cash or publicly traded securities, not goods or services.
  5. All Capital One matching grants will be targeted for the same purpose as the contribution of the participating associate.
  6. If your donation is targeted for a special fund, it must be used to support academic program needs. You and/or your family members cannot receive special privileges or benefits, including enrollment eligibility, as a result of your donation. Capital One will not match donations targeted for support of athletic programs.
  7. Gifts contributed by family members of Capital One associates are not eligible for a match.
  8. All eligible contributions that are matched by Capital One will be distributed in lump sum quarterly payments to specified institutions.
  9. Employees can access the Matching Gift forms on the Capital One network.

Dominion Energy – For Matching Gift Program information, click here.

Markel – To qualify for matching, Markel requires a minimum $50 donation. A copy of the Markel matching form can be found on the company’s intranet site under Forms and the form name is Markel Match.

If you have any questions about the Trailblazer Club Campaign, please contact Janelle Blankenship, PTA VP, Ways & Means, at

Thank you for contributing to the betterment of our school!