PTA-Sponsored Enrichment at THES

Arts in Education


music blazer

The Twin Hickory PTA’s Arts in Education program partners with the school faculty to provide students with exposure to and involvement in performing arts!

Reflections Program

Blazer’s Clubhouse

STEM Blazer

STEM education is the process of teaching that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to promote real-world experience, teamwork, and the use of 21st century skills and technology.

THES has been recognized by the Virginia Math and Science Coalition’s “Programs that Work” for our “Children’s Engineering = STEM Success” program. Because of the program’s success, school leaders and teachers from around the county have visited and continue to visit Twin Hickory to learn about how they can implement it in their schools. The PTA is proud to sponsor Twin Hickory’s award winning STEM Lab, Blazer’s Clubhouse, in conjunction with the school faculty and administration.

How can parents get more involved?

• Consider becoming a STEM Coordinator for your child’s class
• Volunteer to help out on lab days and see the learning in action
• Visit the blog at Blazer’s Clubhouse to learn more at

Our Children’s Engineering program always needs supplies!

Donate household items like cereal boxes, egg cartons, and yogurt containers to provide our engineers the tools they need! Please drop donations of the following discarded household items into the STEM Lab bin in the front hallway of the school anytime.

Things we need regularly:

•egg cartons (if you are sending a bunch, please “nest” them inside one another)
•cardboard paper towel tubes
•cardboard toilet paper tubes
•uncrushed boxes from cereal, crackers, dry goods, etc. (please “nest” inside one another when possible)
•clean and dry plastic containers from yogurt, sour cream, etc. with or without lids, (stacked when possible)

Please keep in mind that there are some things we do not accept in the lab for safety and sanitary reasons.

Things we do NOT accept:

•Any container that previously contained nuts or nut butters. Please recycle these at home.
•Plastic drink bottles
•Milk or juice containers
•Aluminum cans from drinks or food items